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"SupaGlass is...
a highly effective
security film...
the company has
struck a chord in
the market place."

Phil Weeden,
Jaguar Monthly

Jaguar World
Opportunities within the Pentagon Network

The Pentagon Network is more than just a name, it�s the team of people that helped establish quality Privacy Glass installation in the U.K.

Our customer list reads like a who's who, working for many high profile business people, sports and entertainment professionals as well as leading car dealerships and manufacturers.

Have you seen a Bentley, Rolls Royce or Maybach with Dark Glass? The chances are it’s one of ours. Have you seen a security film demonstration on a car? Guess what; We are the people who developed the installation techniques.

We are expanding rapidly and currently looking for experienced window tinting companies to join our family.

If joining the UK The Pentagon Network interests you, send us an email telling us a little bit about yourselves and we will get in touch.

Pentagon Supa Glass

Pentagon Supa Glass

Protective film for vehicle windows.

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Clear Glass

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